Family Law

With the growing complexity of today’s family law issues, families facing these cases need to know that they have solid legal help behind them. Even the simplest family law case can lead to a number of important decisions that have a long-term effect on your financial and emotional health. Robert M. Galumbeck of Galumbeck & Kegley, Attorneys, has over 33 years of experience working with family law cases in Virginia, and he is ready to help you through the process ahead of you.

Family Law Cases in Virginia Can Be quite Complex

Family law cases can span everything from divorce and property separation to child custody and support. In each of these types of cases, emotions can run high. In situations involving high worth estates, the financial repercussions of the divorce can also be significant. That is why the care of an experienced attorney is so important.

For example, if you are entering into divorce, you have to consider multiple aspects of the separation. First, the courts must consider the financial welfare of both parties, both now and in the future. If one spouse was the primary breadwinner, that consideration becomes even more complex, because the other party will not be able to maintain the current quality of life without spousal support.

If children are in the midst of the relationship, then custody and support arrangements will have to be made. All marital property and debts also have to be divided in an equitable manner. When emotions are running high, it becomes easy to lose sight of all of the complex decisions and considerations that have to be made. Attorney Robert M. Galumeck is here to ensure that his clients are able to remember all of the important factors to consider during these proceedings.

Experience and Compassion for Virginia Family Law Cases

Over the more than 33 years that he has been serving families in Virginia, Robert M. Galumbeck has earned a reputation for providing compassionate service with an aggressive approach. He has been recognized by Virginia’s Legal Elite for the quality of his work in the family law field, and has the highest rating available from Martindale Hubble. He has represented clients in high worth divorce cases where the executives, professionals and business owners were both plaintiffs and defendants, which means he knows how to look at the divorce and aftermath from all sides of the situation. If you are entering into a family law case, contact Robert M. Galumbeck today for experienced help with compassion.

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