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The firm of Galumbeck & Kegley, Attorneys has over 30 years of experience in providing administrative law services to medical professionals. If you have a matter pending before the Board of Medicine, Dentistry, or other professional board, the attorneys can provide effective representation to resolve the matter quickly. Learn how the firm can help you. 

Practice Area

Galumbeck & Kegley, Attorneys holds a law office in Tazewell, Virginia and welcomes clients from across southwest Virginia. The firm accepts clients from Tazewell, Buchanan, Russell,  Dickenson, Bland, Wythe, Smyth, Washington, Bristol, Wise, Pulaski, Montgomery and Radford Counties.   

At Galumbeck & Kegley, Attorneys, the firm’s lawyers have represented Physicians before the Board of Medicine as well as Dentists before the Board of Dentistry with matters including recertification and complaints. The law firm has also worked with nurses and private investigators who have matters pending before their respective boards. 

Health care professionals and others need to be recertified periodically to be able to practice their specialty. Medicaid and Medicare are other areas where practitioners need to file paperwork with the board. In other cases, individuals may be responding to a complaint against their practice, or even an abuse or neglect complaint via the Department of Social Services. With all of these matters, Galumbeck&Kegley, Attorneys, can provide compassionate legal counsel.

If you were recently contacted by a board about an administrative issue, you may feel anxious, stressed, or confused over what is happening.  In a worst case scenario, you could be stripped of your license to practice. Hiring a lawyer can bring peace of mind and reassurance. A lawyer will fight aggressively for your rights and dispute unfair claims. A lawyer can protest the claim’s validity, counsel you on what to do in the meantime, and minimize the impact of a claim on your life. 

Let Galumbeck & Kegley, Attorneys handle routine or complicated administrative matters with your respective professional board. With the firm’s help, you will be able to put the matter behind you and let your lawyers focus on handling the claim on your behalf. 

Do you have an administrative law matter that you would like to discuss with Galumbeck & Kegley, Attorneys? Contact the law firm today to learn how the attorneys can best resolve your pressing legal matter. To reserve a free new client consultation, call 276-988-6561 today. 

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